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Our landscape architecture team aims to design and build places that are beneficial for both the people and the environment. By analyzing the
history, the current state and the context of each project, we develop sustainable landscapes that emphasize the beauty of nature and the importance of well-being, and its implementation by qualified technicians in the fields of agriculture and irrigation system

Why should you get a professional landscaper?

Good garden design is to transform the available space into a beautiful place to relax while optimizing this space, and the landscaper must help you come up with the best design that provides enough space and gives a relaxing view Where we start at the architecture gate when creating your garden with an idea that is translated into a design and the landscaping team helps you take advantage of the available space and turn it into a beautiful garden with all its details. The team also makes sure that the design is practical and simple, considering artistic, technical and health issues. Our design team takes care of all the details, as we conduct a detailedsurvey of the space to be converted into a garden. They works to ensurethat the space is perfectly appropriate and creates balance and harmony in the garden between the available space and the designed landscape, giving the garden a calm atmosphere sought by everyone.

How much does home garden design cost?

You don’t want to spend your money without interest, and no one wants that. So you should know that a professional garden designer will save you a lot of money, as the garden design team at Architecture Gate knows the prices in the market and knows the costs of all the necessary details, and knows how to find the best materials for the best price. Not to mention the time you’ll save, There is no unified price for designing home gardens at Architecture Gate Foundation, as we believe that each space and each garden is a unique case, and the space must be studied separately, then we can give you a price that is very suitable for your budget

Maintenance of gardens and green spaces

• Maintaining the condition of your garden is one of the essential services provided by Architecture Gate, however our maintenance service must customize the service according to the customer, for example, if you have large lawns surrounding your home, our organization will provide you with lawn mowing and maintenance services, in addition to we will also help you decide the right grass to plant in your gardens The same is true for the gardens , if you install perennials such as palms and shrubs, these require special maintenance, and then, if you have planted such plants in your garden, you will save Architecture Gate Foundation Proper pruning, watering and hedging services to ensure these plants last longer, similarly, suppose you are interested in growing seasonal and local plants, in this case, the landscaping experts associated with the Foundation will be your best guides in terms of plant selection, maintenance and cleaning once the season is over

What are the benefits of dealing with Architecture Gate Foundation in landscaping?

Contracting with the Architecture Gate Foundation for landscaping has many advantages, and if you still need persuasion, here are the most important reasons why you need to:
• Professionals are experts in their field
Landscaping requires more than landscaping and weeding. Landscaping experts are meticulous about their work. Professionals look into things non-landscapers don’t realize, such as soil quality, pH, and a variety of other aspects, so that your garden looks beautiful all year round.
• Help you save time and money:
Most people prefer to avoid working in their garden after coming back from work, instead, you can hire a landscaping service and take back your time and enjoy it, also because the professionals are more experienced, they can avoid the landscaping mistakes that you may face if you try to do the job yourself, and it will give you By purchasing the necessary products the first time, allowing you to save money, in addition, a professional landscaping company will send a whole team, which will speed up the
process and ensure that the task is completed perfectly in time.