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Interior Design

Interior designing gives you the opportunity to have a living space that
suits your personality and interests Using our expert and knowledge in
technique and style. 

we can provide you customized interiors that will be unique from any other project. We can offer you an efficient blend of natural lighting and artificial lighting to create an aesthetically appealing appearance. Each element of interior décor will be carefully chosen based on your dreams and choice. We have a team of highly qualified interior designers with many years of experience and we take pride in having the infrastructure necessary to implement the interior work we design.

Interior design pricing

We are well aware at Architecture Gate that the prices for interior design
and implementation can sometimes be high, and not suitable for the
budget. Therefore, from the first moment, the Architecture Gate
Foundation relies on the principle of “appropriate price for high quality.
In other words, we match the right price with the right quality to reach a
perfect solution that completely satisfies the client.

تصميم داخلي

Phases of interior design with architecture gate


We start by discussing your ideas and visiting the site for an initial visit to determine your goals and explain the best ways to create the design. in this step we will collect a lot of information about the place, including technical and artistic and we will also provide you with an estimated timetable in which all the details that you should know from the moment the project begins, until the moment of project completion


We do imaginative thinking and space analysis with extensive experience, considering modern methods in interior design


Convert the idea into 2D drawings and start making client mood board based on artistic and elegance revealed assets and then present it to the client

3D Imagination

This is the closest step to our clients as we design 3D images that help our client imagination and visualization the project before construction. The 3D designs will show all the important details, and everything in the design will be explained


After approving the design, we will start shop drawings that help implement what was designed

The implementation

The implementation department will take over the task from the design department after the two teams cooperate in all stages. The implementation team will study the project, determine the quantities, describe the materials and price them in order to obtain the highest quality at an appropriate price and transform the space into reality as seen in the design.