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The electromechanical activity is one of the main specialized services provided by the Architecture Gate Foundation, where the electromechanical projects department in the corporation undertakes the task of preparing designs and shop drawings for electrical and mechanical works for all projects and supervising their implementation and installation with high quality The journey begins with the first step by having a discussion with you and understanding your requirements and wishes of your dream project. We use our technical knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the clients. We believe in maintaining lifetime associations with our clients. Before coming up with design, our representative visits the site for a clear understanding on the type of land on which to create your dream project. This will help us decide whether the proposed ideas are feasible in the designated location. Then the concept is developed and a design sketched based on it, at every stage communication with client is very important. To ensure that we understand clients’ needs and that clients stay updated on any progress made in the process of architectural designing.

Mechanical works include the following areas

• Heating and cooling systems
• Central air conditioning and ventilation systems
• Water networks and sewage systems
• Storm drainage networks
• Irrigation and drainage projects
• Detection, alarm and firefighting systems